Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My own stamp, again

Do you notice anything different about this My Own Stamp sheet? I recently saw this listed on E-bay, and it caught my eye. There are only 8 stamps on the sheet, while they normally have 12 (2 columns vs 3). According to the seller (Marlen Stamps), this Moses Montefiore sheet was "issued" on December 5, 2007 in a very limited quantity (500). On E-bay, the seller is asking for $69.95 for the sheet. The same seller has an ad in Linn's, offering it for $59.95. He also has a similar sheet for Elvis Presley, this time claiming a print run of 1000. None of the bulletins from the philatelic service have offered this sheet, although most of the other special print generic sheets have been offered for sale through the bulletin (as opposed to the private printings where you can get your own pictures added to a sheet). The sheets that the philatelic service offer are in the $12-15 dollar range. While this is an interesting variety, I am unwilling to pay such a steep premium for the sheets.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Israeli Fruit and blue boxes

On April 11th, Israel issued the second printing of the Fruit booklet. Like all recent re-issues of the self-adhesive panes, they added a second menorah on the back cover to show it is the second printing. However, it appears this time, there were two separate varieties issued. Some of the booklets have a blue box in the upper left margin, next to the second stamp down. You can make it out in the scan attached here. I am not sure of the frequency of this variety, but it is not on every pane. So far, it does not appear that dealers are charging a premium for this variety.
I am also being told that a third printing for this pane was released on June 1st. I am not sure if this same variety exists on the third printing as well. I have not seen any mention of it having occurred on the first printing, from 11/26 of last year.