Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Want list review

I took some time this week to look over my want list. I have separated it out into five different categories:
1) Main collection items needed
2) Special Cancel items needed
3) Plate blocks needed
4) Shekel specialized plate blocks needed
5) Everything else

Today, I will focus on the main collection items needed. There are 36 items on this list.
1) 7-9 with tabs. I see these for sale from time to time, but they are out of my price range.
2) J1-5 with tabs. Again, they are available, but out of my price range.
3) 10-14 vertical gutters with tabs. Rarely seen, and out of my price range.
Then we move on to Computer Vended Postage:
4) National Science Museum FDC (12/5/96). I managed to find a copy mint, but finding a FDC has proven tough.
5) 11th Philately Day FDC (12/25/97). Again, the FDC has proven elusive.
6) 13th Philately Day FDC (12/7/99). Apparently, there was none for Philately Day 12 in 98 (or if there was, I am not aware of it).
7) 14th Philately Day FDC (12/26/00). Once again, I am lacking a FDC cover.
8) Hebrew Stamp Week Mint (12/90/93). Before there was Philately day, there was Hebrew Stamp week, and while I managed to find a FDC (addressed), I have not been able to find a mint copy.
9-16) The next 8 items are mint versions of the Israel 98 labels. There was a different one for each day, and I am missing the complete set. I do have the set on cover though.

17-20) Remembrance Letters for 2007, 2009, 2010, and 2011. I have the complete set through 2006, but U haven't seen the recent ones at all. I am not sure where I found the 2008 one, but I do have it.

21) World Stamp Expo 89 Show card - Mint. I am looking for it without a stamp or cancel. Usually, they are offered as shown here. I know they were sold at the show without the stamps, but most people must have bought a stamp and had it cancelled.

22)Capex 96 show card - Mint. Like the World Stamp expo one from 1989, I am missing the mint version.
23-26) Touring Stamp exhibition covers from the Nahariya (6/4/50), Hadera (11/24/50), Even Yehuda (10/16/51), and Ramatayim (1/1/56). I believe I have the rest of these, but I have only seen them listed in the old Mosden catalog, and I don't believe that was a complete listing.
27-33) The generic sheets that I am missing: Good Luck (7/17/03), Good Luck (10/21/03), Good Luck (12/1/06), Mazel Tov - Wedding (1/12/04), Thank You (1/12/04), Thank You (12/5/06), and Blue and White (5/25/10). I have gone over these in detail in previous postings.
34) B2. 1st Coins, 6x5m, 6x10m, 6x15m, Car advert on back, green covers
The early booklets are hard to find, and a bit pricey when you do find them.
35) B2B. 1st Coins, back cover Giftboxes Oranges advert, both covers white.
36) B3A. 1st Coins, 6x5m, 6x10m, 6x15m, 6x20m, back cover Giftboxes Orange advert, covers orange. I have a copy that the previous owner opened and put on an exhibit page, but I would like an intact copy as well.
If you have any of the above for sale or trade, please let me know. Thanks.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Doar Ivri Plateblocks

Last week, Tuvalstamps listed 90 Doar Ivri plate blocks for sale on E-bay. These all started at 99 cents, and there were examples of each of the 6 low values included. All 90 lots sold today, for a total realization of $2,218.14 (not including shipping). I am not able to tell how many different bidders or buyers there were, but there were 539 total bids on the 90 lots, averaging out at 6 bids per lot. 7 lots received only 3 bids, while 2 lots received 20. No lots received fewer than 3 or more than 20. 4 of the lots did not have Group numbers readily identifiable from the lot (they were outside of the ranges shown in Bale). The total 2004 Bale catalog value for the remaining 86 lots was $5,408 and these sold for a total of $1,993.66, or an average of 37% of catalog value. 3 lots realized more than there catalog value, a Group 5 block went for $74, or 2.11 times its $35 catalog value, a group 100 block went for $16.50, a 27% premium over the $13 catalog, and a group 94 went for $52 against a $50 catalog price. Just 6 lots went for less than 20% of catalog, with the biggest bargain being a group 66 block going for just $29.88 despite a $250 valuation (12%). The lot that realized the most was a group 139, which went for $265 (38% of its $700 catalog valuation). I didn't verify the dealers group identification, so this may be a factor in some of the realizations. All in all, I am not sure if the dealer should be pleased with his realization of about a third of catalog price. Despite bidding on a handful of lots, I did not win any of them. There were 29 that would have filled gaps in my collection (I have blocks for 75 of the groups). These are not really a big priority for me, so I was only looking for ones I could get cheap, and none of the ones I needed fit into my budget.

Friday, May 6, 2011

One more sheet

As Yossi pointed out, I missed a new generic sheet in my latest update. This one is a new format. It has only 3 stamps and 3 labels. The labels are the old thank you ones. The sheet has a printing date of January 3rd, 2011. It shows a price of 15 NIS for the sheet. I am not sure of the first day of issue, hopefully I will find that out soon.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

More generic sheets

As Mark Goldsmith pointed out, there are 2 new generic sheets available. On March 15th, a new Happy Holidays sheet was released for Passover. This has a February 20th, 2011 printing date. This is the first reprint of the Happy Holidays generic sheet, and the third consecutive year there has been a special generic sheet issued for Passover.

The second new sheet is for the Nachal army song group. It is a reprint of the flag generic sheet with a printing date of March 22nd. I am not sure when the first day of issue was. I have only seen this offered on E-bay starting last week, so it must be pretty recent.