Thursday, December 29, 2011

Coming in 2012

I just received my final order of 2011 from the philatelic service. I was surprised to see the inclusion of a sheet with the 2012 stamp program included. I don't recall seeing this in prior years. There are 5 scheduled releases of stamps in 2012:
  1. Pioneering Israeli Women
  2. Technion - Cornerstone Centennial
  3. In Memory - definitive
  4. Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liadi
  5. Justice in Jerusalem, 1961
  6. High Priest Breastplate
  1. Memorial Day
  2. Joint Issue Israel-China
  3. The Generations Center, the Western Wall, Jerusalem
  4. The Renaissance of Hebrew Seamanship
  5. High Priest Breastplate (2)
  6. Children's Books
  1. Joint Issue Israel-Nepal
  2. Teddy Kollek, Mayor of Jerusalem
  3. Olympic Games, London 2012
  4. High Priest Breastplate (3)
  1. Festivals 2012
  2. International Police Association
  3. Contribution of Veteran Citizens to Israel
  4. 100-Hadassah, THe Women's Zionist Organization in America
  5. High Priest Breastplate Souvenir Sheet
  6. Tourism - Visit Israel 2012
  1. Joint Issue with India
  2. Philately Day
  3. Electric Car in Israel
  4. Saving Wild Animals
  5. Koren Bible Jerusalem - 50 Years
In addition, there will be a thematic series of postage labels (I assume they are talking about SIMA stamps) featuring endangered sea creatures. I assume this will be similar to the issue of birds in 2010 and deer in 2011,w here they will have a different label at each machine, and they will be issued throughout the year.

The High Priest Breastplate stamps are called out as a unique multi-part special issue, issued in 3 parts and culminating with a souvenir sheet.

The memorial stamp will be issued as a "My Own Stamp" sheet. This is what I call generic sheets. The flyer calls it an opportunity to memorialize a photo of a loved one alongside an appropriately themed State of Israel stamp.