Monday, February 25, 2008

Plate blocks

I started going through a few plate block collections I bought this weekend. I am trying to get an idea of what I have, and what I am missing. I found this is much more difficult than I thought. Take this issue, for example. According to my Bale catalog, there is just a single plate block of 4 listed for this. I was able to find 4 distinct varieties, one with fully perforated margins, 1 with fully imperf margins, and 1 each vertically and horizontally perforated margins. Is this the case for all issues? Is there a catalog, or some other source, that lists all the varieties available for each issue? The only other source I know of is the Wallach definitive specialized catalog, but it doesn't list issues like this one.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

New printing date for "My Stamp"

This is a sheet of Scott 1692 with a new printing date. The original sheet has a printing date of 5/15/07. This reprint was printed 11/14/07. As a reprint, it is not available through the standard new issue service. Different printing dates for Israel stamps is nothing new, many definitives have multiple printings, and some of the printing dates are quite rare. According to my source in Israel, this second printing went on sale on 12/16/07. You may want to see if you can acquire it while it is still readily available.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Another auction

Despite my past bad experiences with conventional auctions, I placed a bid in last weeks Nutmeg auction. It was for 3 FDC covers, one for each of the 3 second coin booklets (B4, B5, B6). There was a suggested bid of $250. Unfortunately, I didn't even come close to winning, despite bidding higher than the suggested bid. Whoever did the estimates for Nutmeg was way off as well. The covers closed at $1900. Well above my budget.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Palestine overprints on Egypt stamps

A few years ago, I began collecting the Egypt stamps used in Palestine. They catalog for next to nothing, and gave me a chance to go through dealer stock that I hadn't already picked through a lot. Howwever, I was surprised to find that the stamps are much rarer than the Scott catalog pricing would lead you to believe. Finding the earlier stamps MNH was (and still is) nearly impossible. I still find an occasional item, but that is it. Whenever they go up on e-bay, they seem to sell for several multiples of Scott catalog, rather than the fractions that the Israel stamps go for. Any idea why?

Monday, February 11, 2008

Want list item of the day

Show cards were issued for many stamp shows over the years. Based on what I have found, they are much harder to come by mint then they are cancelled. Here is the card issued for Philexfrance 82 (SC3). I have only seen it FDC, not mint. So, if you have an extra mint one, let me know. I am also looking for Belgica 82 (SC4), Finlandia 88 (SC20), World Stamp Expo 89 (SC23), and Capex 96 (SC35).

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Want list item of the day

I decided it is time to address my want list. Rather than post about items I have, I will post about items I am looking for, and hopefully, someone will respond offering to give/trade/sell me the item I am looking for. The first area I would like to address is vending stamp FDC's. This mint label from Christmas 1997 honoring Philately day 11 is one item that I have mint, but do not have a FDC of. Anyone got an extra? For those of you that actually check, I am also in need of Philately day 10 (National Science Museum 1996), 13 (1999), and 14 (2000).

Friday, February 8, 2008


I was thinking (dangerous, I know) are the Israel souvenir sheets really semi-postals? This Olympic souvenir sheet from 1984 has a face value of 240 shekels, but was sold at 350 shekels. Doesn't that make it a semi-postal? Most of the Israel souvenir sheets were sold for more than the postage they were valid for. Any thoughts?

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Interesting cover

Here is an interesting cover I found. It has a complete set of both the second and third postage due issues (J6-11, J12-20). I believe it is a combination last day of use of the second dues and first day of the third dues, but I am not positive. The second dues are cancelled 11/28/52, and the third dues are cancelled 11/30/52. Anyway, it is an interesting cover I thought I would share.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Weekend update

Well, I didn't get any time to work on stamps over the weekend. I did get to watch the Giants win the Superbowl, which was a fantastic game. While the game was going on, I didn't even look at the 8 auctions that I was watching that ended during the game. One of the auctions that closed was the B8 FDC's that I was looking at. They received one bid, for the $45 minimum bid. Another auction that closed was a B2 booklet. This is one of the rarest Israel booklets, and it catalogs for $850. Again, it attracted only one bid, for the minimum of $450. Out of my price range for now.

I still have a bunch of items I am tracking in E-bay, but nothing real exciting. E-bay did recently increase there fees. They positioned it as a decrease, but digging in to the details, you pay more for each sold lot. Listing lots is cheaper, but the Final Value Fee (basically, E-bay's commission) has increased significantly for lots that close at less than $25.

On a positive note, the ads on this blog are starting to pay off. I got my first check from Google last week, for the first 3 months the blog was up, I earned $120 or so. In January, it looks like another $100. If this keeps up, maybe I can finally get the 7-9 tabs I have been waiting for...