Thursday, July 19, 2012

New low for press sheet

With the third press sheet from Israel just starting to show up on E-bay, I was surprised to see the 2nd sheet (Children's Games) show up on E-bay with a buy it now price of only $93 with shipping of $4.  The price direct from the philatelic service was $88 including shipping, so this listing represents less than a 10% premium over the new issue price.  The previous low price for this sheet I had seen advertised was $125.  Lets hope the philatelic service sees the writing on the wall, and stops releasing these.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Early start for 2013?

In the June 2012 bulletin distributed to subscribers, the philatelic service is offering a 24 page prestige booklet for the upcoming Tel Aviv 2013 International Stamp Exhibition.  This features the birds of Israel.  The price is shown as 49 NIS (about $12).  I placed an order for one, but it is unclear to me if they will be sent soon, or only after the show.  Time will tell.

New press sheet

This month, Israel will release its third uncut press sheet.  this one is for the "Renaissance of Jewish Seamanship" issue from April.  The announcement indicates a limited edition of 1,500 sheets, with the sheet available direct from the philatelic service for $88 (including $6 in postage).  This is 501 more than were offered for the first press sheet.  I don't recall how many of the second sheet were offered, but while the first press sheet sold out quickly and the price sky rocketed on the secondary market, the second sheet fizzled, with sheets being offered at less than 50% over the new issue price just a few weeks after distribution.  The bulletin makes no mention of whether this sheet will be imperf like the first two.  The picture seems to show perforations, so perhaps it will come with perforations this time.