Thursday, December 23, 2010

Just when you thought it was done...

Another new generic sheet popped up on E-bay today. This one is a May 25th 2010 printing of the blue and white stamp. I have seen 2 different versions, the one pictured here with the Jonah and the Whale coin, and another with a Menachem Begin coin. Both are from ICMC (Israel Coins and Medals Corp), and both with a 38 NIS sheet price. They are listed on E-bay for $99 each. I have not yet seen this date offered elsewhere, but I am looking. At the $99 price, I won't be adding them to my collection. I have added this to my catalog listing as GEN11.10.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Generic Sheet listing summary

As far as I know, the previous 7 entries detail all of the generic sheets offered by Israel. I am sure there will be additions in the coming months and years, but it is as complete as of today as I could make it. If anyone knows of any I missed, please let me know.

Since as far as I can tell, no catalog adequately addresses these sheets, I have decided to create my own catalog numbers, and hopefully they will stick.

The *'s indicate dates on special sheets.

Catalog #DescriptionPrinting DateFirst Day
GEN1.1Flowers - Telabul7/8/20037/15/2003
GEN2Yellow Flower12/2/20017/15/2003
GEN3Good Luck7/17/200310/19/2003
GEN3.1Good Luck10/21/2003
GEN3.2Good Luck1/12/04
GEN3.3Good Luck12/1/2006
GEN3.4Good Luck12/2/2006
GEN3.5Good Luck12/5/2006
GEN3.6Good Luck4/12/2007
GEN3.7Good Luck6/17/2008
GEN3.8Good Luck12/1/2008
GEN4Hugs and Kisses7/17/200310/19/2003
GEN4.1Hugs and Kisses10/21/2003
GEN4.2Hugs and Kisses1/12/2004
GEN4.3Hugs and Kisses4/12/2007
GEN4.4Hugs and Kisses2/10/08*
GEN4.5Hugs and Kisses12/1/2008
GEN5Mazel Tov - Wedding7/17/200310/19/2003
GEN5.1Mazel Tov - Wedding1/12/2004
GEN6Mazel Tov7/17/200310/19/2003
GEN6.1Mazel Tov3/21/2006
GEN6.2Mazel Tov10/7/08
GEN7Thank You7/17/200310/19/2003
GEN7.1Thank You1/12/2004
GEN7.2Thank You12/5/2006
GEN7.3Thank You4/12/2007
GEN7A (3 stamps)Thank You1/3/2011
GEN8With Love7/17/200310/19/2003
GEN8.1With Love12/5/2006
GEN8.2With Love12/1/2008
GEN9Jerusalem 2006 Generic Flower Sheet - Lily3/21/20065/8/2006
GEN10Jerusalem 2006 Generic Flower Sheet - Tulip3/21/20065/8/2006
GEN11My own Stamp - Blue and White5/15/20078/27/2007
GEN11.1My own Stamp - Blue and White11/14/2007
GEN11.2My own Stamp - Blue and White6/17/2008
GEN11.3My own Stamp - Blue and White11/6/2008
GEN11.4My own Stamp - Blue and White2/4/2009*
GEN11.5My own Stamp - Blue and White3/24/2009*
GEN11.6My own Stamp - Blue and White5/15/2009*
GEN11.7My own Stamp - Blue and White8/5/2009*
GEN11.8My own Stamp - Blue and White12/2/2009
GEN11.9My own Stamp - Blue and White1/6/2010*
GEN11.10My own Stamp - Blue and White5/25/2010
GEN11AMy own Stamp - Blue and White (8 stamps)11/14/2007
GEN11A1Elvis Presley11/14/200711/?/2007
GEN11A2Moses Montefiore11/14/200712/5/2007
GEN11A3Mickey Marcus11/14/20076/11/2010
GEN11A4Jerusalem 201011/14/200711/21/2010
GEN12Red Flower1/30/20085/14/2008
GEN12.1Red Flower1/21/2009
GEN12.2Red Flower7/26/2010*
GEN13White Flower1/30/20085/14/2008
GEN13.1White Flower10/7/2008*
GEN13.2White Flower1/21/2009
GEN15With Compliments6/29/20108/25/2010
GEN16Happy Holidays6/29/20108/25/2010

GEN16.1Happy Holidays2/20/2011*3/15/2011

GEN16.2Happy Holidays7/18/2011*8/7/2011

SGEN11BPope Sheet #13/24/20095/4/2009
SGEN11CPope Sheet #25/15/20096/1/2009
SGEN11DCasi Angeles8/5/20099/6/2009
SGEN11EGrandpa Nissans Afikoman1/6/20102/21/2010
SGEN12AMy First Hebrew Calendar7/26/20108/1/2010
SGEN14ADisney 20096/5/20097/15/2009
SGEN14BHannukkah 200910/27/200911/19/2009
SGEN14CValenitnes Day 20105/4/20092/1/2010
SGEN14DDisney 20104/7/20105/2/2010
SGEN14ECabbage Head2/9/201010/13/2010
SGEN14FHannukkah 201011/9/201010/24/2010
SGEN14GFamily Day 20111/3/20112/1/2011
SGEN14HWinnie the Pooh5/24/20116/19/2011
SGEN16APassover 20112/20/20113/15/2011
SGEN16BHigh Holidays 20117/18/20118/7/2011
SGEN17ALatin America10/25/201011/22/2010
SGEN17BNachal Army Song Group3/22/2011

Friday, December 3, 2010

Generic Sheet Listing, Part 7

There are 3 new designs that have been showing up recently. Happy Holidays, With Compliments, and the Flag sheet. So far, the first two, which were announced in Bulletin 46, have only shown up with a June 29th, 2010 printing date. These sheets were released on August 25th, 2010.

However, the flag sheet, despite being the newest addition to the generic sheet world, has already had 3 separate printings. The first printing was August 19th, 2010. This was followed up with a second printing on August 27th, 2010. This second printing is a bit unusual, in that instead of having 12 stamps and 12 blank labels to be printed with a design, it has 12 stamps, plus 6 different labels with designs for Jerusalem 2010, and then 6 blank, customizable labels. The third printing was for the bicentennial of 4 Latin American countries (Argentina, Chile, Columbia, Ecuador, and Mexico). The sheet was printed on October 25th, 2010, and issued on November 22nd, 2010.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Generic Sheet Listing, Part 5

The next set of sheets were first issued for the WSC Israel 2008 show. There were 2 separate flower sheets, the White Rose and the Red Cyclamen. Both sheets were printed on January 30th, 2008, with a price of 27 NIS. I did not see them listed in the bulletins I have. The first day of issue was May 14, 2008, which I believe was the first day of the show. The personalized examples I have show the same printing date, but are missing the price info, instead having the admin information printed under the picture.

The second printing is for the White Rose sheet only. It was printed on October 7th, 2008, and offered in bulletin #37. This one shows the price of 37 NIS. The sheet was issued on October 30th, 2008. According to the bulletin, it was issued to mark the first anniversary of the death of Yisrael (Poli) Poliyakov. He was part of the HaGashash HaHiver trio. I believe they were comics, but that is purely a guess.

Both sheets were reprinted on January 21st, 2009. I have seen several of these for sale, but none yet at a reasonable price. If anyone has some extras, please let me know.

The Red Cyclamen stamp was reprinted on July 26th, 2010 for the My first Hebrew Calendar sheet. This was offered in Bulletin 46, and has a 38 NIS price listed on the sheet. First day for this sheet was August 1st, 2010.
To date, as far as I know, there are only these 3 printings of each of these sheets. One other thing to note is that these sheets are supposedly scented, although I am not sure if they are (or were).

Generic Sheet listing, part 6

Next, we move on to the new workhorse of the generic sheets, the Love stamp. The first printing of this sheet was on May 4th, 2009. It was listed in bulletin #41, and has a 27 NIS price on the sheet with the smiling stamp. The customized sheet does not include this price, even though the sheet is from the same printing. The first day of issue was June 30th, 2009.

Bulletin 44 brought to light this sheet. It was for Family Day (as well as Valentine's day, I guess). This sheet has the same May 4th 2009 printing date as the above sheets, but it lacks both the pricing information seen on the smiling stamp sheet, and the admin printing message under the photo that Mark indicates a personalized order. So, I will call this printing 1A. The first day for this sheet was February 1st, 2010.

To date, there have been 5 additional printings of this sheet. The second and fourth printings of the sheet, from June 5th 2009 and April 7th 2010 were aimed at children, with Disney themes. The first sheet features Hannah Montana, the Jonas Brothers, and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. This sheet was offered in bulletin 41 as well, however it has a price of 37 NIS printed on it. The first day of issue was July 15th, 2009, and I believe the September 9th date shown on the sheet was the first date that the Disney Channel was on in Israel. The second sheet features only the gang from Mickey Mouse clubhouse, and was offered in bulletin 45. The price on the sheet has risen to 38 NIS, and the day of issue was May 2nd, 2010.

The third and sixth printings were for Hanukkah 2009 and 2010. The 2009 sheet was printed on October 29th, 2009, was listed in bulletin 43 and issued on November 19th, 2009. It shows the 38 NIS price for the sheet. the 2010 edition also shows the 38 NIS price, but has a printing date of October 24th, 2010. The first day was November 9th, 2010 and I have not yet seen it offered in the philatelic bulletin.

So, you might have noticed that I left out the fifth printing (if you didn't, you can scroll back and check). The fifth printing was on February 9th, 2010. The only time I have seen this printing is on the Cabbage Head sheet shown here. I don't believe this is a customized sheet, since it lacks the printing info under the picture on the left. The sheet is being sold on E-bay by several dealers, and they show a first day of October 13th, 2010. This sheet does not have the price on it though, so I am not sure what to make of it. Regardless, it is a new printing date. Perhaps it will be offered by the philatelic service in an upcoming bulletin.