Sunday, October 28, 2007

Not in my album

I decided that I would revisit stamps that are not included in a typical album. These are not issues that I consider back of the book (BOB), these are what I would characterize as supplemental issues.

The first example I know of is shown here.

This is the set of souvenir sheets issued for the Israphil 85 stamp show. These stamps were overprinted by the FIP and sold at the show. My album has spaces for the normal souvenir sheets, but not the overprinted version. These are listed in Bale, and I have even seen them on some dealer price sheets, but they are absent from the albums.

Another example of this is the Ardon Windows souvenir sheet issued at Stamp World London in 1990. As a special gift to new issue subscribers, the philatelic service sent an imperf version of the souvenir sheet out. The fact that it is a gift is printed on the back. It is a great addition to my collection, but why did the album makers not give me a place to put it?

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Anonymous said...

The easiest way round this is to purchased another set of the pages for these sheets and just inscribe them with the additional information.