Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Another post, finally

Looks like May is a lousy month for my blogging. I took a vacation last week to the Houston, TX area. I had planned on visiting the 2 stamp stores I found online to see if they had anything of interest. However, neither dealer I e-mailed responded, so I ended up not going to the stores. However, I have been tracking E-bay, and making a handful of purchases, the most significant of these being a set of all 26 plate blocks of C1-6.

Other than that, I bought a small set of the 1.00 Town Emblem plate blocks with different dates, a tabbed FDC for the 1952 Tel Aviv issue, and a 10ag over 32ag accounting tax revenue. Another half dozen or so items off the want list. Only a few thousand to go. If I can ever finish inventorying my plate block collection, I will be able to go through my post office openings collection and really knock the want list down.

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