Thursday, February 26, 2009


I have been selling a bunch of duplicates on E-bay the past few weeks (mostly IPF showcards and Phosphor FDC's, with a handful of others thrown in). Sales have been OK, and I have a decent amount in my PayPal account now. I have always used these funds to finance more purchases for my collection. This is where the dilemma comes in. I have about 60 items on my E-bay watch list. There are 2 big categories, one is definitive plate blocks, the other is modern maxi-cards. I can either purchase 1 of the more expensive definitive plate blocks on my want list, or I can purchase 20 or so maxi-cards. That is the dilemma. both are relatively difficult to find, but the maxi-cards are not in any catalog and only go for a slight premium over FDC's of the same issue. I think value wise, I get the most bang for my buck by buying the pricier definitive plate block (which is being offered at roughly 40% of Bale catalog price). But, with the maxi-cards, I can knock over 20 items off my want list. What should I do? Any advice?

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