Saturday, April 18, 2009

Too good to be true?

I saw this plate block for sale on E-bay, with a start price of $0.99. This appears to be one of the rarest plate blocks of the Doar Ivri stamp. It is Group 1, according to Bale, with a catalog value (in 1998) of $26,000. I watched it on E-bay to see what it went for. It had been bid up to about $60 with 3 days left, when all of a sudden, the lot was pulled. I e-mailed the seller, and he said he had taken it down to get it expertized, as someone suggested it might be a fake. If it turns out to be real, the seller has a real gem on his hands, and will probably be better served to sell it through a different venue then E-bay. He would not get anywhere near catalog value on E-bay, but would probably do much better through a private sale brokered by a specialist dealer, or perhaps through an Israel focused conventional auction.


drdemo said...

I am new to israeli stamps on ebay. What catagory are you looking on ebay for your finds? Enjoy your comments...surprised there are not more return comments

Adam said...

I go to and search for Israel. I sort it by newly listed so I can see what items have been listed since I last looked.