Saturday, June 20, 2009

More details

Ok, here are the scans. The one on the left is one of the set of 8 sheets offered by the philatelic service. According to my source, the first day these were available was June 1, 2009.

The one on the right is one of the ones available at post offices around Israel.
While they are similar, they are not identical. The key difference to me is the label attached to the stamp. The ones from the philatelic service have the generic label, while the ones at the post office have different images. There are at least 5 labels for each stamp that you can find at the post office. The other differences are the text in the yellow box in the center, and trhe inclusion of a web address in the white section on the bottom of the philatelic service ones.
Below you can see the envelopes that these are sold in at the post office. There is no way to know what one you are buying until you open the package. It is more like collecting baseball cards in packs then stamps. Each package at the post office is NIS4.90, or about $1.25. Unfortunately, based on my experience at 1 post office, about 80% of the ones you buy are duplicates. Maybe the chances are better if you buy a few at a bunch of different post offices, but I didn't have the ability to test that out.


frank spencer of england said...


from Frank Spencer, England

trying to compile the New Issue listings to be published in Stamp Magazine

I have a set of the reissue Juja
cartoon sticker sheetlets with
face personalised label, bought

Questions still unanswered
Are the eight stamps in the two different releases all exactly the same format?. The June re-release has stamps rouletted on three sides and straight-edged on the right side (eight stamps thus created which do not exist from any other source)

Does the numbering of the stickers run from 1 to 100

Was the reissue also a random selection of cartoon stickers or was every set of 8 of the June
re-issue with exactly the same stickers...for instance my set with the Roses stamp has stickers
#s 42 54 and 72

Has anyone found any used copies
of the single stamps (by the general public) in kiloware? I guess any sticker collectors would
not be interested in the stamps.

If someone collected a full series
of the original issue did they have
to hand them over to get the prize?

Frank Spencer

Adam said...

To answer your questions:
1) As far as I can tell, the stamps are the same between the two releases.

2)Yes, the numbering of the stickers is from 1 to 100. There was a sticker album available that confirms this.

3)Every set of the June re-issue has the same stickers. It is not random.

4)No idea.