Thursday, July 9, 2009

Batting .846

Well, if I was a baseball player with that kind of average, I would be in line for about $25 million dollars a year. But, on E-bay last week, it grossed me about $38. 11 of my 13 lots sold. Most went for the minimum $2.99 price, but a few went for a little more. Not the most profitable sales I have ever had, but not bad. The duplicates were just taking up space in my stamp room, and they cost me next to nothing (they came as part of a huge lot I won on E-bay, and I consider the price I paid well worth it for the items I needed, the doubles were just a bonus).

On the other hand, the self adhesive stamps I have been selling on E-bay have done quite well. I have sold all 10 lots I listed, and most have had a lot of bids. Average sale price has been over $6.75, with the highest price being $10. None have sold for the minimum.

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