Thursday, November 19, 2009

New booklet variety

Well, I thought I was running out of stuff to say in the blog, but now I find myself posting something new for the third day in a row. I guess you never can tell what you will find.
What I found is a new variety of "The Israeli" booklet. One of the stamps (lower right) in the pane is missing the Arabic text. I have seen this offered by 2 separate dealers now on E-bay. Both dealers confirmed that the booklets they have are from the recent 4th printing of the booklet. Both show the same stamp missing the same text. Both lots appear to have been listed within a few hours of each other, and both had the same start price, $89. One booklet sold for a best offer price of $69, the other is still available on E-bay (at least, it is as I am writing this). I am not sure how common this variety is. The 2 copies of the 4th printing of the booklet I have (1 mint, 1 FDC) both do not have the variety. I have asked a few other dealers in Israel about it, and they are looking into it for me.


Mark Goldsmith said...

Thank's for the heads up on the variety for the fourth printing of the booklet and the existence of the fifth printing. By the way, I was able to purchase the error fourth printing for $24.95 on Ebay. It is a bit pricey considereing that the cost of the booklet in the post office in Israel is about $9.00 but given the fact that the frequency of the error is unknown and that since the fifth printing is now out so the supply of fourth printing booklets will diminish rapidly, it isn't that bad a markup.

Adam said...

Wow. $24.95 is a lot less then I have seen them on E-bay before now. Luckily, LotsOfStamps listed 3 in a dutch auction, so I was able to get one as well.