Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Postmark Pursuit

For the last few years, I have been collecting Israel cancels. I have been focusing on the Special Event cancels. Between the Israel Post catalog and the IPF website, I have developed a list of more than 2600 special event cancels. Of these, I have over 2500, and my want list is down to only 122 items. Of these 122, 28 are from 1948-1949. I actually have several of these 28 cancels in my FDC collection, but I need another copy to put in my cancel collection. I am near complete for the 1950's, missing only 10 cancels for the decade, 3 of which are actually listed as cancels with errors that were replaced with fixed versions. I am even better in the 1960's and 1970's, missing a mere 4 cancels for the1960's and 2 for the 1970's. I am missing an even dozen from the 1980's, 9 of which are from 1989. I am not sure why I am missing so many from 1989, I just haven't seen them for sale yet I guess. Then come the 1990's. I am missing 58 from the 1990's, 23 of these are from Hebrew Book week (94, 95, and 97). The cancel was used in multiple cities each year, and apparently was not sent to subscribers as part of the standing orders. I am also missing 11 cancels from the Israel 98 show. To round out the want list, I am missing 8 from the 2000's.

I do also have a ton of duplicates, so if anyone wants to trade, let me know.

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Markp said...

Adam, I have piles of these mostly from teh 50's and 60's but with some others let me know what you have missing. I would love to exchange them in return for the database alone !