Monday, September 13, 2010

Special cancel...special ink?

I collect both FDC's and special cancels. Most new issues from Israel have a special cancel designed to go with them, and this Simon Wiesenhal sheetlet of 4 was no exception. Do you notice anything different about the cancels? The one in the center of the block is in silver, while the one on the bottom is in black. The special cancels provided from the Israel Post with my standing order were in black only. This is not the first issue I have seen it on (I believe they used the silver ink on the Holocaust remembrance stamp earlier this year, and maybe one or 2 last year as well). It is just interesting to me that they would only provide the black version to there special cancel subscribers.

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yariv said...

hi adam

the explaination is simple,
the postal service sends these sheets as well as covers to a printer that digitaly adds the post mark. this is done for large quantities ( 1st day issues ) in order to save time and get a uniform post mark in the same spot.
it also prevents ink spots ect.
yet, when you go to the postal service store and prepare an fdc like the one you show the ink pad is in black and so is the post mark.