Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Found something new...

Just when I think I have my want list pretty well up to date, I found that I am missing something. The Massad label issued for Israel 98 (shown on the left here), was actually issued as 9 different sets, one for each day of the show. And, it is not just that the date changed each day, but the text printed on the label was changed each day to correspond with the theme of the show that day. The opening day (5/13/98) was Tel Aviv Day, as shown on these, but the other days were: Postal Authority day (14th), Israel Jubilee (15th), Doar Ivri Day (16th), Youth day (17th), Olympics day (18th), Computer day (19th), Environment day (20th) and Collectors day (21st). I checked in the Bale catalog (2006 edition) and it doesn't mention this. It does show that the Massad labels were only sold for the 9 days of the show, but it makes no mention of the fact that each days labels were different. So, another 8 items (16 if you count the FDC's) were added to the old want list.
Speaking of my want list, back in my Halloween blog, I mentioned that my want list was at 10,254 items. Now, it is down to 9,715. Most of this is due to adding about 500 special cancels to my inventory list. But, I have managed to catch up quite a bit on my boxes of stuff to be put away. I did manage to add another 200 items to the database (including the 8 mentioned above). Another few years (more like decades at this rate) and I may catch up.

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