Monday, February 4, 2008

Weekend update

Well, I didn't get any time to work on stamps over the weekend. I did get to watch the Giants win the Superbowl, which was a fantastic game. While the game was going on, I didn't even look at the 8 auctions that I was watching that ended during the game. One of the auctions that closed was the B8 FDC's that I was looking at. They received one bid, for the $45 minimum bid. Another auction that closed was a B2 booklet. This is one of the rarest Israel booklets, and it catalogs for $850. Again, it attracted only one bid, for the minimum of $450. Out of my price range for now.

I still have a bunch of items I am tracking in E-bay, but nothing real exciting. E-bay did recently increase there fees. They positioned it as a decrease, but digging in to the details, you pay more for each sold lot. Listing lots is cheaper, but the Final Value Fee (basically, E-bay's commission) has increased significantly for lots that close at less than $25.

On a positive note, the ads on this blog are starting to pay off. I got my first check from Google last week, for the first 3 months the blog was up, I earned $120 or so. In January, it looks like another $100. If this keeps up, maybe I can finally get the 7-9 tabs I have been waiting for...

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