Sunday, April 6, 2008


Last Monday, I listed 28 lots on e-bay, mostly artist signed FDC's and Souvenir Leaves with a few random other lots sprinkled in. Well, they all closed last night, and 26 of 28 lots sold, with the two unsold lots being a sheet of South African stamps and a souvenir leaf. For the 26 lots that did sell, I realized a total of $154.30. Not bad, considering that the majority of these items came as part of large accumulations I bought, and have a cost basis near zero. The reason I say the cost basis is near zero is because of my buying strategy on E-bay. When I bid on a lot, I bid what I am willing to pay for the items that will become part of my collection. If there are additional items in the lot, I value those at zero when deciding on my bid. So, when I sell these back, it is pure profit.

I started all lots at 99 cents, and all but 3 of the lots sold at more than that. The lot that went for the most was a bunch of Egypt stamps overprinted Palestine. There were 47 stamps in the lot, and it went for $39. Artist signed FDC's did very well, with most going for over $5 each. Souvenir leaves were the weakest, with 2 of the six that sold only garnering a single bid for the minimum, and the others not going for much more. The 2 postal stationary items I sold didn't do much either, with neither going for over $3, and the UPU plate blocks only went for $1.04.

I decided to list some more lots yesterday. This time, I listed 15 lots, most of them are special show booklets. I also listed a 1041a souvenir sheet (The imperf version of the Ardon Windows souvenir sheet from 1990) and 907-9a (the FIP overprints on the Israphil 85 souvenir sheets). So far, a little over 12 hours in, 9 of the 15 lots have bids, some have several.

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