Friday, April 11, 2008


Last week, I listed 15 lots on E-bay. Yesterday, they ended. All 15 sold, and I was amazed at how many bids these lots received. I sold the 15 lots for a total of $175 and change. Additionally, I sent second chance offers to four bidders who lost out by 1 bid on items that I had multiple duplicates of. 2 of the 4 second chance offers were accepted, bringing the total for 17 lots up to just over $200. Maybe I shouldn't be surprised, last year when I tracked E-bay sales for 6 months, special booklets sold for nearly $16 each on average, and I recieved less than $12 on average. Subtracting out the $62 for the souvenir sheets, the special booklets went for only $10.30. Not bad, and better than I had hoped for. They were all duplicates, and were just taking up space, now I can turn them into items that I can cross off my want list. Hopefully, this weekend, I will list some more items. Showcards, maybe?

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