Monday, August 4, 2008

Some updates

I spent some time catching up on my stamps this weekend. Not only did I manage to get all my 2008 stamps scanned and inventoried. Unfortunately, I found that I had acquired a few duplicates. Even worse, the duplicates are of the more expensive issues. So, I listed these on E-bay. Hopefully, I will be able to at least break even on these.

I also had time to go through more plateblocks. I spent the most time on the seven species issue. There are 42 dated plateblocks listed for this issue in BALE. The Wallach catalog does not contain much info on this issue, only listing the first date of the 1.40 value. I found that I had multiple varieties of each date, usually one with a corner cross-hatch mark, and one without. For the higher value items, I found some with wide spacing on the margin, and some with narrow. I have a fairly complete set of duplicates, including at least one example of each of the 42 dates, and I have listed this on E-bay as well.

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