Thursday, July 31, 2008

New special sheets

Last week, I saw that someone listed a sheet of Israel stamps that I had not seen before. It was the generic sheet with a soccer team on it. This 2 sheet set had a minimum bid of $49. I wasn't planning on bidding at all. Then, today I got an e-mail from a stamp dealer in Israel offering me the same sheets for $19 each ($38 for the set of 2). Instead of buying 2 sheets, each with the same stamps but different soccer players, I could get just 1 at a relatively reasonable price. The other thing I noticed was the printing date on the scans in the e-mail. The scans showed a 6/17/08 date, while the e-bay auction showed a 12/5/06 date. This led me to look back at what I had from the original sheets. I have 2 different dates, a FDC with a 7/17/03 date, and a mint sheet with a 1/12/04 date. I will need to check the latest Bale catalog, but my list of plate dates for this issue that I copied into a spreadsheet only shows 1 printing date, 7/17/03.

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