Monday, October 12, 2009

Why did they do this?

I started to put away my 2008 stamps in the White Ace pages I got a few weeks ago, and found I was missing some stamps. How can this be possible? I get all the new issues, and I am constantly finding stamps that are not included in the pages. How can I be missing some? It turns out that they decided to have spots for some of the booklet singles in the album this year. I have the complete booklets, and I save those in a different album, since there are no spaces for the complete booklets in the White Ace albums. Now, I have to make a choice. Do I buy a second booklet to break up so that I can fill the spots in my album? Do I try and buy just a single from the booklet, probably paying a hefty premium? Or do I just leave the spot blank? My first inclination is to leave the spot blank. I would have no use for the left overs from buying a second full booklet, and I don't think it is worth paying a premium just to fill the spot.


yariv said...

hi adam,

your comment is 100% correct. this is the most idiotic thing i have ever seen. i started getting e-mails from my customers asking me about these items a months ago and when i understood what they were talking about i started laughing, and wondered how stupid can they get? - shows you how much research they put into the pages they print.
anyway, i decided to help out in this case and what i will do is send out these stamps,one of each, free of charge, to you and any other ace album holder that reads your blog. for me its not a problem because i can use the left over stamps from the booklet for postage in israel.
please let your readers know about my offer and give them my e-mail so they can send me the address of where to send the stamps to.

Adam said...

Yariv, thanks for the offer! Can you please send me your e-mail address? It didn't come through the post.