Thursday, September 24, 2009

White Ace album pages

When I started my collection (20+ years ago now), I used White Ace Israel Tab pages to house my stamps. I have continued to use White Ace, with my dad sending me the supplement each year. When I first started getting supplements, they would come out in April or May each year. Then, a few years ago, the supplements started slipping to June or July. I think last years came out in August. This year, it is the end of September and the supplement just became available. I don't get it. Why, in this day and age, does it take over 9 months to put together a supplement that is probably only 10 pages. Nearly all of the 2009 stamps from Israel are already released now, yet none will be included in this supplement. The last 2008 stamp was issued on 12/17/08. I realize it is unrealistic to expect the supplement to be ready for 4-6 weeks after the year ends, but why 9 months? The 2010 car models were available before the 2008 Israel supplement. Something is wrong here.

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