Friday, January 8, 2010

Back to Mejujaim

I was able to buy a few more unopened packages of the Mejujaim stamps from a contact in Israel. They are no longer sold in post offices over in Israel, as the contest is over, but my contact was able to find a few leftovers. I found a few new sheets, including the ninth different Blue and White sheet and my first with the Good Luck stamp. I also found a few new interesting tidbits. Apparently, there are 2 different backing papers for the sheets. The second paper has much darker printing, with a few extra elements included, such as some diagonal lines. Unfortunately, I was unable to get the scans to come out. I also found one package that contained 4 stickers, but no stamp. The stickers are not on a single sheet, but rather 4 separate small sheets. The stickers also have an Israel Post logo on the back with some text. The text talks about this being the only official collection, watch out for fakes. I am not sure how common these stickers are, but without the stamp, they are not as interesting to me. I now have 70 of the 100 stickers (if I include the labels attached to the stamps, I add 5 more). I am also up to 24 different sheets. I do have a few duplicates to trade if anyone is interested.


howard rotterdam said...

You'll be glad to know these items are now listed in Bales.

Mark Goldsmith said...

It is interesting that the stickers on separate cards without stamps say beware of forgeries. The new Bale catalogue, in describing the self adhesive stamps that come with the Majujaim cards, states that the reason the stamps were included on the sheets is because Israel Post is not permitted to print items which do not contain a printed postal stamp (see p. 16). If this is in fact true, then are the stickers without stamps the forgeries, or is the Bale catalogue just wrong?

Adam said...

Since I opened the package myself, I believe that the Bale catalog does not have all the information. Unfortunately, I do not have the new bale catalog to see what they are saying about these sheets.

Adam said...

Can someone send me a scan of the page from teh new bale catalog that talks about these stamps? Thanks.

Mark Goldsmith said...

I can send it to you next week when I get back home but I need your email address. I don't think that I can send it to your blog.
PS If you buy anything from Ed Rosne's latest mail sale, he will sell th new Bale catalogue to you for $79.

Mark Goldsmith

Adam said...

You can e-mail me at Thanks.

frank spencer said...

from Frank Spencer England

this is about something else...

Does anyone have a release
date for the FRUITS self-adhesive
Is it 17 Feb 2009 same as the
gummed sheets?
I got my booklets only in
December 09: they are die-cut
perf 13.25 x 13

Adam said...

The fruits booklet was issued 11/26/09