Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Cover buy of the month

I recently bought this cover on E-bay. It was a pricey cover, but I think I ended up getting quite a bargain. This is a cover with the front cover and all 3 panes from booklet #5. It is not a FDC, but is dated 7/13/50 (first day according to Bale was 6/1/50). The seller listed both a B4 and a B5 cover, but I only managed to win the B5. I noticed that a nearly identical cover appears as lot 339 in the House of Zion net price sale that is going on now. The cover in Ed's sale is a B4, and he is asking $950 for it. While I paid a lot for my cover, it was still only about 10% of that price. He did offer to buy my cover at a nice profit, but I am going to hang on to it for my collection. I just wish I had bid higher on that B4 cover! I recall seeing these offered in an auction a few years ago (Cherrystone, I think), and they did realize over $500 each. I just wish my stamp budget would keep up with my ability to find bargains on E-bay.

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