Monday, April 12, 2010

Weekend recap

Julie and I attended the Easter Seals stamp show in Sacramento on Sunday. The day started with Julie waking up at 7am and asking if it was time to leave yet. I managed to get her to wait until 9am, but she was raring to go. We got to the show about 15 minutes before the doors opened, another delay that Julie did not appreciate. But, we made it through that and into the show. We spent the next four hours going from table to table, looking at all the stamps, and filling up 2 pint buckets with Julies finds. And in another repeat of last year, Julie would not even think of leaving the show to grab lunch, she insisted on having a hot dog at the show.

Since I was unable to find anything for me at the show, I spent a few minutes going through the latest APS stamp circuit that had arrived on Saturday. I found a copy of the Mizpe Ramon self adhesive booklet with a different phosphor variety then the one that was in my collection. This sent me digging through my Bale catalog trying to figure out if this was a new variety. Turns out that the phosphor varieties are described, but not in the booklet section. The details are in the definitive specialized section. I now have both a 3 line and an 8 line phosphor booklets. The notes for this issue also mention a copy with a barcode. Neither of the copies I have include this barcode. Anyone have a spare?

In the same circuit book, there was a Hyacinth booklet. The catalog indicates 2 separate prints for this booklet as well, one with phosphor all over, and one with 2 phosphor lines. Neither the booklet in my collection, nor the one in the circuit book, showed any indication of phosphor under my UV light. Are there any other differences in the booklets?

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Mark Goldsmith said...

Adam, for more on the hyacinth varieties look at the article in the February 2006 issue of the Israel Philatelist.