Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Has it really been a month?

I guess time flies. I haven't had a single post so far this month. Not much has gone on with my collection, I just haven't had the time to do anything with it. I have seen several more dealers selling cut-outs from the press sheet on E-bay. I have now seen singles and tabs being offered, although I am yet to see a lot sell. I have had one dealer offer me all kinds of varieties:

  1. Full press sheet - $3000

  2. Set of 3 sheets with matching serial numbers - $1000

  3. Set of 3 stamps with tab - $220

  4. Set of 3 stamps without tab - $90

  5. PLBL of 3 stamps and 1 label - $230

  6. PLBL of 4 stamps and 2 labels - $290

  7. Set of 3 sheets FDC - $1100

  8. FDC of 3 tabs - $230

  9. FDC of 3 stamps without tab - $100

  10. Set of 3 FDC combo with normal stamp - $240

Again, a huge premium over the $82 cost of the sheet at the issue price. I have also not had any takers on my offer to swap my press sheet for a set of 7-9 with tabs. I am not holding my breath.


Steve said...

I have full sheets and first day covers of many Israeli stamps for the 1960's. How can i get a valution of these stamps.?

thanks very much.

Adam said...

Most of the stamps from the 1960's are not worth much, but you can use a Scott catalog at the library to identify and value the stamps. FDC's and sheets are valued in the Bale catalog.