Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Let the games begin

As I predicted last week, it didn't take long for a seller on E-bay to list a cut up of the uncut press sheet on E-bay. This lot has blocks of 4 (well, 3 stamps and part of the central label) of each of the stamps up for a mere $390. Since the entire press sheet sold for about 20% of that, it leaves a quite healthy profit margin. The seller should be able to make at least 12 of these blocks from the press sheet, unless he adds cross gutter blocks to his inventory as well. I am disappointed that he didn't mention in the listing that these came from an uncut press sheet that was offered to collectors. If he can get his asking price, I would not mind selling my sheet for that price. Anyone want to trade a set of 7-9 with tabs for an uncut press sheet?

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