Tuesday, May 3, 2011

More generic sheets

As Mark Goldsmith pointed out, there are 2 new generic sheets available. On March 15th, a new Happy Holidays sheet was released for Passover. This has a February 20th, 2011 printing date. This is the first reprint of the Happy Holidays generic sheet, and the third consecutive year there has been a special generic sheet issued for Passover.

The second new sheet is for the Nachal army song group. It is a reprint of the flag generic sheet with a printing date of March 22nd. I am not sure when the first day of issue was. I have only seen this offered on E-bay starting last week, so it must be pretty recent.

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Yossi said...

The 2nd is being sold in some of the post offices from May 1st for 49NIS.
I believe it is also available from the web site.

There is another one that you are missing which is the miniature generic sheet of the visitors center (sold for 15NIS). I can send you a scan if you want.