Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Doar Ivri Plateblocks

Last week, Tuvalstamps listed 90 Doar Ivri plate blocks for sale on E-bay. These all started at 99 cents, and there were examples of each of the 6 low values included. All 90 lots sold today, for a total realization of $2,218.14 (not including shipping). I am not able to tell how many different bidders or buyers there were, but there were 539 total bids on the 90 lots, averaging out at 6 bids per lot. 7 lots received only 3 bids, while 2 lots received 20. No lots received fewer than 3 or more than 20. 4 of the lots did not have Group numbers readily identifiable from the lot (they were outside of the ranges shown in Bale). The total 2004 Bale catalog value for the remaining 86 lots was $5,408 and these sold for a total of $1,993.66, or an average of 37% of catalog value. 3 lots realized more than there catalog value, a Group 5 block went for $74, or 2.11 times its $35 catalog value, a group 100 block went for $16.50, a 27% premium over the $13 catalog, and a group 94 went for $52 against a $50 catalog price. Just 6 lots went for less than 20% of catalog, with the biggest bargain being a group 66 block going for just $29.88 despite a $250 valuation (12%). The lot that realized the most was a group 139, which went for $265 (38% of its $700 catalog valuation). I didn't verify the dealers group identification, so this may be a factor in some of the realizations. All in all, I am not sure if the dealer should be pleased with his realization of about a third of catalog price. Despite bidding on a handful of lots, I did not win any of them. There were 29 that would have filled gaps in my collection (I have blocks for 75 of the groups). These are not really a big priority for me, so I was only looking for ones I could get cheap, and none of the ones I needed fit into my budget.

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barry lang said...

Can anyone tell me where to get clear display sheets in different sizes for tab blocks, souvenir sheets, etc?