Friday, July 11, 2008

New business...any takers?

I have mentioned before my new idea for a service that would take a collectors want list and match them up with sellers. I know I would make use of such a service, but I am not sure if others would. So, I figure, why not offer the service to people reading my blog? Here is how I will work it. Send me your want list (of Israel material only for now) and the price you want to pay for each item. I will then try and find the items for the price you set. If I can, I will collect payment from you and send you the item. If I do not find the item, you don't pay me anything. If I do, you pay only the price you set. How do I make money on this? Simple, I will try and find the item for less then the price you are willing to pay, and pocket the difference. Can I find you a set of 7-9 tabs MNH for $20? Highly unlikely, but you never know (of course, if I did find a set for $20, they would go to my collection, but you get the point). Will I make any money at this? Who knows, but it won't cost me anything to try!

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AmyBow said...

do you have that much free time? regardless, good luck!