Thursday, September 11, 2008

Another item to drop from the list!

This my stamp thing is getting ridiculous. Today,

I got an offer from a stamp dealer offering this sheet for $100. Apparently, only 2000 or so were made. That is in additon to this set of sheets, a different My stamp sheet with a 9-11 rememberence theme. Last month, it was this set of sheets wishing good luck to some soccer team. There are jsut too many sheets being printed, and they are all being offered at huge markups. For a mint sheet they are being offered at $25 and up per sheet, with FDC's starting at twice teh mint price! Time to back off and just collect the basic sheet with the generic picture they come with from now on, I guess.


Howard Rotterdam said...

I agree. This is becoming a farce. I am tempted to close out my collection at 60 years and stop new issues altogether.Many others in my chapter of SIP feel the same.

berkelaar2612 said...

I fully agree with the previous comment. Some people are trying to make big money out of those generic sheets. I recently bought some at IPS as subscriber and paid only $ 7.50(flowers) and $ 13,50 (jettix), so offered prices for thoser so called unique sheets are beyond any reallity.