Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Where did this come from?

I was going through a stack of items to put away (finally!) and found some booklets. The one on the right is the normal one. The one on the left? The sleeves are brown instead of purple (I have another booklet where the sleeves appear to be blue, but it could just be a darker purple). Originally, I thought this was the only difference. Then, I opened up the booklet to look at the stamps. Both booklets have 10 With Love stamps. But,t eh top one has 2 extra blank stamps. You can just make out half of a plate number on the bottom "extra" stamp. I looked in my Bale catalog, but no mention is made of this difference. This is also one of the few Israel booklets that was not sold as a separate Tete-Beche sheet, so I have no idea what the sheet configuration was, but this is a new variety for me. Hopefully, it is unique and worth a small fortune, but somehow I doubt it. Any ideas? I can't even recall where I got these from at this point.

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Mike Mehr said...

Bale 2006 lists this variety as B20b, the With Love with two extra blank stamps in the pane. Value is $80, vs. $20 for the main variety. There is also a variety with a slightly larger cover, also at $20. These modern variety listings are the major reason why I keep up with the latest Bale catalogs. They often list varieties that I can't find mentioned anywhere else.