Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I was looking at E-bay today, and noticed something new. You can see here what is being marketed as a Souvenir Leaf. Now, Israel does put out souvenir leaves for collectors, although to me they are of dubious value, at least they are done by the Israel post, and have some degree of collectibility (though, I don't believe anywhere close to what the editors of the Carmel catalog would have you believe!) Anyway, these at first glance appear to be souvenir leaves, and the title of the auction is "ISRAEL SPECIAL SOUVENIR LEAF X 3diff BANK ISRAEL 50YEAR", but these are clearly not souvenir leaves. Real souvenir leaves look like this one. Notice the Israel Post logo? Also, notice at the top, it says "Souvenir Leaf", not "First Day Leaf". To me, it looks like someone is trying to make it appear that these are official philatelic items, while in reality, they are just a private FDC with a different cachet. Not that there is anything wrong with that. There might be a market for Israel FDC's with private cachet's, but I think these First Day Leaf's are int eh same category as the private booklets. They are philatelic creations by a dealer, and are not a must have if you are trying for a complete collection.

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