Saturday, November 1, 2008

Sacapex disappointment

I went to the annual Sacapex stamp show in Sacramento today. I was very disappointed. It looked like the same set of dealers that were at the last show. I am pretty sure it was the same exact material. There was 1 dealer that had a set of J1-5 plate blocks that I was interested in, but he wanted full catalog value for the set. This was well out of my budget, and I think well above what they go for on E-bay. Maybe that is the problem. I am used to the 100-200 new items a day on E-bay. At the show, there were maybe 100 items total to look at, and perhaps only 1-2 new. I probably won't attend another show until Westpex, and I am only attending that because I won the door prize last year ($100 gift certificate to the show) and received it in the mail after the show.

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