Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Reprints, reprised

Looks like the Israel Post ran out of stamps again. The 50Ag and 1NIS menorah self adhesive sheets are being reprinted, and a new value (40Ag) is being added. The reprinted sheets have 2 Menorah's on the selvage to indicate the second printing. In addition, The Israeli booklet is being reprinted for the fourth time, and this one will have 4 Menorah's on the back to show that. If these printings are handled the same way as the past ones, none will be offered by the philatelic service.


Mark Goldsmith said...

You are wrong about the philatelic service not offering the reprints for sale. They have offered both the second printing and the third printing of the "Israeli" booklet as well as the second printing of the express mail booklet. The sale offer is usually made in the bulletin sent with the second regular subscription shipment after the issue date of the reprint. You can also email the philatelic service to order any item in stock even if not listed in the bulletin.

Adam said...

True, you can special order them. However, tehy are not included as part of any standing order you have with the Philatelic Service.

Frank Spencer said...

from Frank Spencer England

I have Srulik booklets thru to
5-menorah (which I was informed
has release date Dec 1, 2009

Looking at them all together there
is considerable variation in shade;
the distance between the @ sign and ISRAEL on the T-shirt varies (but this may just be a shading difference) and similarly the amount of red screening differs
(see around Srulik's neck)

Trouble is some of the booklets
vary in detail internally ie the
same booklet has different versions of screening

I have not put all the booklets under UV light to compare them
[not available to me]

Frank Spencer