Thursday, September 3, 2009

Bargains on E-bay

OK, so the question was asked how do I find bargains on E-bay. There are some tricks, which I will not be sharing so that they will still work for me, but mostly it is just looking. Every day. I start with going to and searching for Israel. I do this almost every morning. I sort the items by newly listed, and then I only need to look at the items listed since I last looked. Usually, there are 100 or so new items a day. It doesn't take long.

So, what do I find at bargain prices? Here is an example of what I found now (none of these items are being sold by me, nor do I have any financial interest in driving up the prices for them). Obviously, I am not going to list items that I am considering bidding on, since I don't want to create competition for items I want to buy.

The first item is the Ardon Windows imperf sheet. Here it is at a start price of $9.99. My 2004 Bale catalog lists it at $50.

Not good enough? How about the Postal Museum sheet? The same seller has both the perforated and imperforated versions for sale at the buy it now price of $20. He also has best offer enabled, which means you can probably get it for $15. Bale has the imperf one at $50, and the perforated one at $4.

Ok, what about older stamps? How about C1-6 tabs with a start price of $0.99? or the UPU set, currently selling for $5.50? Can't beat those deals.

Ok, so there are 4 different deals that I found in 5 minutes of looking. The deals are out there. If you can't find them on your own, consider being my first customer for my stamp finding service.

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