Friday, January 28, 2011

And another one

A new generic sheet just appeared on E-bay this week. This one is for Family Day (Valentines day?) 2011. It is the first generic sheet I have seen with a 2011 printing date, having been printed on January 3rd. I am not sure when the first day of sale was, but I expect to see first day covers available soon. I have updated the sheet listing, this printing date is GEN14.6, and the specific sheet is SGEN14.G.

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Mark Goldsmith said...

Adam, you're not keeping up.

There is a new Passover one available on the Israel Post website. The Family Day sheet is also available at

There are also now four "limited edition" generic sheets available from the Israel Coins and Medals Corp and they are now available for purchase directly from the ICMC website @ $99 each.

Have you noticed that on Ebay generic sheets are being sold with twelve different pictures in the customer provided labels. If you order generic sheets from the Israel Post website, all twelve labels have the same image. I wonder how these vendors are obtaining the sheets with twelve different images.