Thursday, January 13, 2011

Yet another new generic sheet

I just received my shipment of new issues from Garel. Included where most of the new issues from the Jerusalem 2010 show, as well as some other items. This generic sheet (GEN17.1 from my earlier list) was among the items included. I was going to return it, as I already have an example of this generic sheet in my collection (although with different pictures). Then I noticed two unique features about this sheet. First, and most obvious is the green marks at the top of the sheet. I am not sure what these are, anyone have any clues? The second feature is with the date and serial number in the lower left corner. In my other example, the date and serial number are printed in 2 separate lines, while this one has them printed on a single line. The FDC I received of this same sheet does not have either of the 2 features seen in the mint copy of the sheet. I have not looked at the sheets on E-bay to see if the single line difference is unusual or not. For those of you that have copies of these sheets, are yours the single line or 2 line versions?


Mike said...

Hi Adam,
I'm getting a copy of this from eBay. This is the customized form of the one that was supposedly only sold at the Jerusalem exhibition, I believe. (Put round smiley faces in place of the drawing in the upper left corner and labels.) The one that I'm getting, assuming that it matches its scan, has both the admin date and serial number inline.
Mike Mehr

Mark Goldsmith said...

My copy has the green lines at top and the serial number and date in one line. Is it possible that there was more than one machine operating at the show and that they were set up differently? You might ask someone who was there.