Thursday, July 7, 2011

2 New Generic Sheets

Well, while I was on vacation, apparently the Israel Post was busy adding new generic sheet printing dates.

The first new sheet is apparently for sale from the Philatelic service on the new Winnie the Pooh sheet. This sheet is the same Love stamp that was used on the last few Disney sheets, and this time the sheet has a May 24th, 2011 printing date. If this seller can be trusted, it was first sold on June 19th.

The second new sheet is a new printing of the Flag generic sheet. This has a June 5th, 2011 printing date, and so far I have only seen it on the sheet pictured here. The E-bay seller claims a limited printing of 2500 sheets. It is listed at a rather high $94 right now, and I am hoping that more sheets of this printing date become available at some point.

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Mark Goldsmith said...

I communicated with my contact at the Philatelic Service concerning the Arava sheet. It is a private issue and will not be for sale through the Israel Post Company.