Friday, July 8, 2011

Bulletin 876, where are you?

I just got the most recent shipment in from Israel's Philatelic Service. It includes the June issues. There are 4 sets of stamps, Israeli Achievements (Agriculture), Rabbi Shlomo Goren, Clown Care, and Beaches in Israel. The achievements issue is accompanied by bulletin 873, which meshes nicely with the last bulletin from the April issues (Memorial day issue was bulletin 872). The rabbi is bulletin 874, followed by Clown Care at bulletin 875. Now, one would expect that the Beaches issue would be bulletin 876, but it is number 877 instead. So, what happened to bulletin 876? Was a stamp prepared and not sold? Will it be in the next shipment? Or did it just get skipped?


Yossi said...

It was suppose to be a joint issue with Gibraltar. The issue was cancelled in the last minute because of a refusal of Gibraltar from unknown reason. I have a picture of the stamp that was suppose to be issued because it got published in the IPF website but got removed.
Whether cancelled or just postponed I can't tell.

Mark Goldsmith said...

Yossi is correct. Israel even registered the stamp with the UPU under its new numbering syustem. See

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