Tuesday, July 5, 2011

New offering from the philatelic service

I just received the June bulletin from the Israel Philatelic Service (#50), and there is an interesting new class of item being offered. You can now get a subscription to Public Souvenir Leaves. According to the bulletin, these are leaves issued to honor public events, government ministries, municipalities, organizations, and institutions, as opposed to the national souvenir leaves that are issued for national events, philatelic events, and joint issues. Each public leaf is numbered (minimum quantity is 1000). There is no set number of these issued each year. Hopefully, this spells the end of the huge ripoff that some people try to perpetuate on collectors by selling these public leaves at hugely inflated prices. Now, collectors interested in these can get them at the new issue price (which is 17 to 30 NIS, according to the bulletin). Not that I will subscribe.

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