Thursday, December 27, 2007

3 additional tab sheets

This first one is different from all the rest, in that it does not have a serial number. instead, the wide white band at the top and the imperf partial stamps are all that tell us it is a tab sheet. I have not seen the other 2 stamps of this issue in tab sheets, although I have seen what appear to be cut down sheets of the regular issue (with perforated partial stamps at the top) offered on E-bay. Since anyone can take a paper cutter to a regular sheet to create those, I question their authenticity. Even if they were authentic, I would question there collectibility, since it would be impossible to tell if they were legit or were created form the full sheets by the seller. Unlike the first issue, the serial number at the top of this perforated tab sheet is fully intact and visible.
Here is the last of the tab sheets that I know of. This one has the imperf top row and complete serial number.

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Mac Sunset said...

I would be interested to learn more about 129-131 (the top example). It's a very unusual issue.

For instance, 129 (the one you show) is watermarked and the gum is off-white. That's fairly normal.

130 and 131, however, are unwatermarked, and the gum is colorless. So on 131 it shows up pink.

My 131 tab contains a remnant of a stamp above it, perfectly cut across. From reading about these special tab sheets, I'm thinking it must have been part of one.

Sorry for rambling all over your blog this evening. I enjoy collecting US and Israeli stamps, and it's nice to find another programmer, under the age of 90, who I might be able to start a dialogue with.