Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Follow up from 12/12

Last week, I was amazed to find a set of ATM stamps on FDC on E-bay for the start price of $65,000. Unsurprisingly, there was not a single bid on the lot. Again, what was the seller thinking? Was it just to get people talking about the lot?

Of course, I have found some equally surprising lots that actually sell on E-bay, so maybe it is worth the shot. Like buying a lottery ticket, you don't expect to win, but figure you can't win if you don't play? I have seen some items that I think would never sell at $1 go for the $10 opening bid. I have often sent mail to the winner asking what made the lot worth so much, so far, I have not gotten a reply. Maybe the buyer is embarrassed at having overpaid? Or maybe they don't want to educate others and have increased competition for future lots?

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