Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Just got the latest issue of the SIP journal. When I started my blog, I sent a note to several SIP officers who had their e-mail addresses listed in the journal. Don was kind enough to publish the notice in this months journal. Hopefully, this will stimulate some conversation on this site. So far, I have had a grand total of 3 comments on my blog, 1 of which was spam. I know people are reading this blog (6-10 unique people per day). What I would like to know is if the topics are interesting to people, and if there are any topics that people would like to hear about. Let me know.


Anonymous said...


Just stumbled across your blog while looking for a Wallach publication. I think you've got something great started here. Hope more people participate.

Mac Sunset said...

I came across it recently. I'm enjoying the read. I'm taking the feed.

As someone who runs a blog myself, on an entirely different topic, I'd say just post about whatever you feel you'd like to read if you were browsing the 'net.

I'm not as advanced an Israel collector, so I just like seeing what interests others.