Sunday, December 23, 2007

When I look for Israel stamps, the first place I look is always E-bay, but today I decided to check out They have a drawing for an inverted Jenny stamp, which is an incentive to register for the site. I did a search for Israel stamps however, and I was pretty disappointed with what I found. While there are over 3800 lots listed, the majority are common stamps listed individually for sale. While useful for a beginning collector, these common stamps are of no interest to me. Sadly lacking from the listings were back of the book issues and covers. There were a handful of common first day covers, and I think a total of 4 errors listed. None of which were of any interest to me. There was not one lot that I considered bidding on. While E-bay has only about a third the lots listed for Israel (about 1100), there are many more interesting lots (I am currently watching 30-40).

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Did you try ?

By far more Israel stamps there !