Monday, November 29, 2010

Correction to Generic sheet listings

I just noticed a difference between some of my generic sheets that I hadn't spotted before. The sheet on the left here is the first printing of the With Love stamp, from July 17th, 2003. The FDC of the same printing date is on the right. But, instead of the price of 21.20NIS appearing above the top left label, there are some different marginal markings above the first 3 columns. I see the same thing on the Mazel Tov sheets from the same date. The Mazel Tov sheet from March 21st, 2006 has blank margins above the first 4 columns. The Good Luck sheet from December 1st, 2008 also has the margins above the first 4 columns blank, but has what appears to be the same information printed under the picture in the right column. Does anyone know if this was a seperate printing, or if it is a different pane position?

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Mark Goldsmith said...

The appearance of ADMIN and a printing date next to it or below it and no price at the top indicates that this sheet was not one of the generic sheets with the Telabul label sold by the philatelic service to subscribers but rather is a sheet ordered under the Bul Sheli program. Instead of providing a family photograph, the purchaser either scanned and inserted the Telabul symbol or perhaps if no photo is uploaded, that is what Israel Post will send out.