Monday, November 29, 2010

Generic Sheet Listing, Part 3

The next Blue and White sheet was printed August 5th, 2009. It shows what I think is a band called Casi Angeles. It was issued on September 6th of 2009 and was listed in Bulletin #42. Notice that the price listed was 38NIS, as opposed to the 37NIS on the previous 3 sheets, and 27 NIS on the original generic sheet.

Returning to the generic sheets, there were printings on June 17th, 2008 (for Mom's birthday, I guess), November 6th, 2008, and December 2nd, 2009. These were all issued without being offered for sale to the public via the bulletin. I do not believe there was a way to know what date you would get on a sheet when you ordered it. I was unable to acquire these with the stock image of the smiling stamp, but I did manage to find them customized.

The latest printing was on January 6th of 2010. It was used on at least these 2 sheets offered in Bulletin 44. The price was once again 38NIS. The sheet on the left is the 2010 Passover issue, which was called Grandpa Nissan's Afikoman. The sheet on the right is for the 150th anniversary of the birth of Herzl. This one has a serial number on the lower right hand side that shows that it was an issue of 10,000. The first Pope sheet also has this same serial number and limit of 10,000. None of the other sheets, including the second Pope sheet, so far have shown this.


Yossi said...

Hello Adam,
I'm going over the list of generic sheets. You've done amazing job.
I wonder what are those bulleting numbers that you specify?
Is there a way to buy those generic sheets from this bulleting?
Thank you.

Adam said...

The bulletin is sent to all subscribers, going over the new and special issues, and yes, you can order directly from them.