Tuesday, November 16, 2010

That time of year again

Next week, there will be another big stamp show in Jerusalem. This is a five day show, and of course Israel Post will be offering a complete slate of special issues.

To start with, 3 new vending stamps with 11 different varieties. There will be the special SIMA label for the show, with two different machine numbers (001, and 061). The Christmas SIMA label will also be offered, apparently with 4 different machine numbers (001, 010, 015, and 062). And there will be a Massad sheet of 10 for each day of the show (available as 10 x 1.70 or a sheet of 10 different values).

Then, there is the new generic sheet. This is an Israel flag design. There is a normal sheet with 12 stamps, a smaller version with 8 stamps, and a special Latin America friendship version. I believe all 3 will have different printing dates, but I am not 100% sure. This is in addition to the recent Cabbage Head sheet (with its own printing date) and the Hanukkah sheet with a new printing date as well.

Next, we have the booklets. 2 new ones as far as I know. There will be a prestige booklet, not sure what the subject is. The second one is a flip book. It is 15 pages, and has the new animation stamps in a way that you can flip through the pages and see a cartoon.

Next comes the joint issue with Vatican city. This is a sheetlet of 4. In addition, there will be some other special sheets. A set of 3 decorative sheets of bible stories, plus a souvenir sheet. Plus, a re-issue of the 1NIS menorah definitives (3rd printing).

And finally, the special imperf souvenir sheet of the bible story stamps available in the show catalog.

I am not looking forward to the bill for these!


Yossile said...

Thanks for the update.
I was indeed looking for information about what special issues will be offered there.
Looking forward to this show.

Yossi said...

Seems like a lot of stuff to look forward to.
From you experience, will it be possible to buy those special editions afterward from the IPS (e.g. from their web shop)?

Thanks for the great posts!

Adam said...

Most of the items will be available from the philatelic service, but I am sure the imperf souvenir sheet won't be. it is possible that teh generic sheet of 8 wil be show only as well.