Monday, November 15, 2010


I blogged a few weeks ago about White Ace. I finally was able to get a reply from them. They will be updating the Menorah definitives page to include the 40ag value, and to be int eh correct order. They are also adding the correct pictures for the International Year of Astronomy. Supposedly, they will mail me the replacement pages in a few weeks. I am not sure how other people will get the updated pages at this point. They are also still trying to figure out whether to include the Mejujaim stamps in the pages or not. If they do, it will be in next years supplement. The pages with the missing background are normal, as they didn't want the stamps to go over the background, and that is the only way they will fit.

On a related note, I was looking up the Scott catalog numbers for some recent issues, and found that the June issues were not given catalog numbers. The April issues were, as were the August issues. Turns out that Scott gets its new issues direct from the philatelic service, and there account ran out of money, so they missed a shipment. Hopefully, they have that resolved and the numbers for the June issue will be in the December Linn's super issue. Since I had a quick response from the Scott's new issues editor, I asked about some other things that I noticed. The 40ag self adhesive definitive was not listed. They actually didn't know anything about the stamp. It was not included in their standing order since it was considered a reprint of the water activated gum stamp. When I pointed them to the bulletin where the issue was offered, they went to get a copy so they could list it. It should get a new catalog number shortly. The editor then asked me if I had a copy of the Gagea stamp without the oval (syncopated) perfs, and the Hyacinth stamp with oval perfs, since they had heard of these but didn't have them. I will be lending them these from my collection so they can be added to the catalog.

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Mark Goldsmith said...

Adam, your experience with White Ace is why I create my own album pages with Lindner T-Blank pages. I can create my own write-ups on the computer and slip them behind the plastic sheet which holds the stamps or other items (booklets, FDCs, etc)and I have a wide carriage printer which allows me to print directly on the back of the T-Blank pages to provide information regarding the stamps on the facing page. I will admit that it is a bit more expensive that White Ace,but I only purchase them when on sale.

As to Scott, that is why all serious Israel collectors forgo Scott and use Bale or Carmel. I can't imagine that Scott will list the "My Stamp" sheets, whether it is the new printings or the souvenir ones put out by Israel Post. By the way, if you have been watching Ebay, there are three new ones. Cabbage Head, which is available on the Israel Post website, and a new Hanukka one and one commemorating relations with Latin America, neither of which is available yet from Israel Post, probably being issued next week at the Jerusalem International Stamp Exhibition.